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New Ramp, Old Ramp

To whom this may concern,

We are closing the A3 connector to the runway and the old apron starting Friday August 14th, 2020 at 6am local time. The area will be prepared for resurfacing. Paving should take place early September. As soon as we get closer to a firm date for paving, it will be disseminated.

At this time we will be keeping a taxi lane open from the Camp Abbot t-hangars to the taxiway for A4 and A5. Once we get a date for the closure of this area, it will be sent out to hangar owners through the president of the association. We are trying to make the closure as short as possible and are waiting to the last possible moment.

There WILL BE a need for aircraft to back-taxi for arrival and/or departure as the entire center of the airport will be closed. I’ve attached a diagram for those that are more visual.

There are always struggles with transient pilots who aren’t very vigilant, or struggle with their preparation and NOTAMs – use caution. Please use patience and good radio communication.

We’ve submitted NOTAMs for the above closures.


S21 Team


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