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Motion and Flow

Smaller GA aircraft are to park in one of 55 "T" tiedown positions labeled on the map above.  These tiedown positions have 8-foot wing chains and 6' tail chains that will fit most aircraft.  If you're a tall 185, or even a beaver on floats, we do have chain extenders.  Just ask us to bring out a set.  We have a golf cart that we will try using to pick customers up at their planes, too.  Be patient, as we are usually busy in the summer.  Otherwise, it's a short 90 second walk south to the FBO.  Please note that the concrete pads are for larger and heavier aircraft.  We'd appreciate it if smaller aircraft would not park on the concrete pads, or, for that matter, on the taxiway in front of the FBO.  We realize that the ramp may look empty at times, and you might be in a hurry, but in an interest of safety, flow and our sanity... Just don't do it.  NOTE: This is a private airport, pilots and aircraft can be trespassed from the property.

We built two new helicopter parking pads for their self-described use.  Please don't try to park your helicopter next to the GA aircraft, Jets or near the Self-Serve Fuel.  Unless they are looking to get a new paint job, you might make someone cranky - and for good reason.  Currently, and specifically because of this issue, we don't allow self-serve fuel for helicopters.  That will change once we move the fuel farm from it's current location.  We'll tell you more about the new location later.

In the field south of the helicopter parking pads is a large open area for firefighting operations.  There is a gate located on River Road for support vehicle's access.

Rate Sheet Coming Soon.  Call For Rates

Finally, we're going to start building a new FBO soon.  You'll see some information on that when it's available.

Ramp Map & Rates: About Us


Rate Sheet Coming soon.  Call FBO (541-593-4603) for current rates

Ramp Map & Rates: Text
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